Marketing and PR Mentoring for Small Business

Ready to scale up and grow your small business but need a little inspiration and direction along the way? Let me inspire you into action with bags of ideas, creativity and a focus on the steps to take to see results.

Marketing Coaching for Business Owners

Maybe you’ve invested in online coaching courses, had ALL the inspiration and been shown ALL the tools on how to build a business that helps you ‘build your best life’ just like they have.

Yet all it has done has left you feeling like YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE who just can’t get it and move forwards. Not good enough. Overwhelmed. Needing a closer connection to someone who can really get to know you and what’s holding you back.

You feel like you’re not where you truly could be with your business, and you may need to overcome some fears about going for it and putting yourself out there.

You need a bit more hand holding, checking in and help with where to prioritise your time, budget and energy to grow your business at the right pace.

Which idea is best?

Which package is most likely to sell? Which one feels more me?

Which one will help you hit my income goals?

Which one feels less scary?

What can you do the quickest? Which is the least work?

You are my perfect soul mate client if you need someone to inspire you with all the things you could do and be, see the market that is out there for your zone of genius and help you go get it, cheerleading from the side-lines!

Someone to stand side by side with you and take you over that mountain you have to climb or that bump in the road to make it all happen.

Someone like me, an expert in Marketing & PR for small business.

When you work with me you’ll:

  • Overcome the fear and overwhelm you feel about sales and marketing
  • Stop dreaming and start doing
  • Get the support you crave to hand hold you through the transformation of your business
  • Know what content to post on social media
  • Know how to grow and nurture an audience
  • Identify any potential passive income streams
  • Get help to hire the VA, freelancer or tech skills you need to make it all happen
  • Finally step into being the business owner you want to be!


Here’s how to get started…

£99+VAT Business Breakthrough Coaching Session

  • Complete a pre-call info sheet to tell me all about your business and main marketing challenges
  • Enjoy a one hour, one to one video call so we can power through those problems and come away with the key actions you need to move forwards
  • This call will be focused on your messaging, pricing, packages and quick wins to identify new income streams

£99 (+VAT)

The Marketing Fix Mastermind

Starting soon in 2020

You’ll become part of a small supportive community with up to 10 other fellow business owners and myself. You’ll receive all the training, learning and support you need to give you clarity and an action plan when it comes to defining your audience, your marketing message, your PR story and your marketing strategy.

Interested to know more or want to join the wait list?

Please contact me for more information – spaces will be limited to 10 people only, when the programme starts later in 2020!

£168 per person, per month for 6 months or a one-off payment of £900 (inc. VAT)

Client Testimonials

“I met up with Rachel for a marketing coaching session. I had been stuck on a few points around my messaging, my positioning and really fleshing out how best to serve my ideal client.

In 1.5 hours I definitely went from confusion to clarity! Rachel asked me very insightful questions that helped me identify a path forward in my business strategy. I had a really productive planning session with my business partner after meeting with Rachel and we are buzzing with ideas!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachel if you have some marketing challenges you need to get past. The session must have saved me hours of time as I’m now able to move forward with a laser sharp focus!

It also really helped me see the thread between all the things I have going on too. I feel excited about my mission!”




Isabelle Fielding, Coach

“Before my marketing coaching session, I was feeling panicked about my business direction and need to generate income, and frustrated because I had been posting daily for six weeks and not getting any engagement.

We had a 2-hour session which made me really think about what I wanted in the future and what I needed to do to start preparing myself to start marketing in that sector. The session made me re-prioritise my approach so that I am ready with my services for the corporate sector

I felt clearer about what I need to achieve in the next few months to reach my objectives. I also has a clearer idea of how I will be marketing my products and the benefits of the products for my clients.

You held my space and let me explore my thoughts. You got me to think about what is important to me and where I want to be. You encouraged me to brainstorm my ideas. Thank you I found it was really productive”.

Crescentia, Coach

“Rachel, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for our amazing coaching session. As a coach myself I am always working with clients on who their ideal client is and helping them really nail down who they want to work with. After our session I had so many lightbulb moments. Not only did I have a clearer understanding of who my ideal client it also really opened my eyes to who I am as a coach and how I can support my clients.

I am a strong determined person and I know my passion for life and success is exactly what my clients need and I’m now so confident I can give the most incredible support to anyone that works with me now. This is all thanks to you and your fantastic coaching skills to help me unlock what was holding me back.

After our session my brain was in overdrive I was so inspired to grow and be my authentic self. Thank you so much!”



“Rachel, I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me get clarity in my message. Your focused attention and process has helped me get really clear on WHAT the transformation is and HOW to communicate it. It has really helped me be clear on my bigger vision, and how what I am doing now is feeding into that. Your approach is so supportive and you really put time and effort into understanding ME. Thank you!”

Denise Mortimer, Business Coach

“I enjoy and value how Rachel always aims to find the most effective solutions to getting the messages out that we want to communicate. I like how she streamlines the ideas we all have as a business, organise them and get them moving forwards.She listens and interprets well what we are trying to achieve.”

Victoria Sylvester

“You Spark and Co-create! You spark possibility, creation, confidence, self-belief – and a way of translating all of my mess into something – a clear pathway. A vision and reality of what could be. I get the sense that it’s not about you, it’s purely centred on me. You are with me – properly invested in me – you really care.

You are delicate in your approach yet you have the intuition to call me out on the things I am hiding behind. You want this to work as much as I want it to work. I get a strong sense that my success is your success – we are growing it together. You stimulate my own creativity rather than imposing stuff – not solving it for me but giving me lots and lots of ideas and then letting me anchor them. You don’t spark ideas and leave me hanging. I really value that you are pragmatic and anchor it down into the ‘so now what’ and give me a clear path for myself of ‘here’s’ what I can do’.

The qualities I value in Rachel as a mentor and coach are that she is intuitive, caring, spiritual, an amazing possibility thinker and fluid/flexible in her approach. She won’t push you down a route that doesn’t feel right for you. I felt the right balance of safe/challenged/inspiration/action.”

Sarah, Executive Leadership Coach

“Rachel knows marketing and PR inside and out. I can come to her with any problems and the advice she imparts helps me to tackle any challenges head on. She has a focus on getting the job done no matter what happens and makes effective suggestions I don’t have the time to consider sometimes. Her knowledge across multiple marketing disciplines is extremely valuable.”

Tom Bower

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