Mentoring for Marketing Teams

When you need the experience of a marketing director, a PR consultant, a digital marketing manager and a successful business owner all in one, I’m just the person you need!

I’ll work directly with you and your team in an empowering, inspiring and engaging way – an approach that combines training, consulting and mentoring, with a clear focus on actions that get the best results within your budget.

Somewhere in your team you have a gap.

  • A gap for innovation, ideas, excitement and creativity. ‘Blue Sky thinking,’
  • A gap in strategic know-how when it comes to vision setting, business planning and operations.
  • A digital skills gap – SEO, email marketing or social media management.
  • I can fill those gaps with a mix of strategy, inspiration, mentoring and consulting.

I am passionate about helping you fix your marketing issues, grow your reputation and build a solid growth strategy with my marketing mentoring and consultancy to deliver:

  • Increased income.
  • Improvements to your reputation.
  • A more engaged audience, community and partnerships.
  • A more creative, motivated, productive and focused marketing team, understanding and proving their true value to your organisation.

Working with me can be as simple as a one-off problem-solving power hour, a team building session, a regular monthly commitment or a more intensive project depending on your needs and budget.

You may also be interested in my Marketing Leaders Club and group coaching programmes for experienced marketing and comms managers or directors.

Client Testimonials

“Rachel has been a fantastic coach to work with and has really helped to provide me with clarity and to instil me with confidence. Her gentle and warm approach makes it very easy to talk to her and share things I would often struggle to discuss with those closest to me.

I found her to be intuitive and she quickly found techniques that would work for me to help reframe what I was thinking in a more positive way. I have found this one of the most useful things from our sessions as she helped me to challenge old perceptions that I can now see have been holding me back both personally and professionally.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel as a coach or mentor. As someone looking for the next steps in my career following redundancy, her approach alongside her marketing expertise and experience in building her own freelance business has been invaluable in supporting me to build a concrete plan on my next steps with a renewed confidence.”


“Thank you for such a great morning of social media training. It was a brill overview and insight into the various platforms and their uses for business outreach and customer engagement. It has certainly highlighted to me which areas I need to explore a little more & on which to focus more on for both my own benefit as well as in the interests of my clients. Thank you so much for your relaxed and usual friendly approach and for keeping us topped up with tea, coffee & biscuits! We really had a useful, enjoyable and informative morning.”

Jill, Marketing Consultant

“Rachel knows marketing and PR inside and out. I can come to her with any problems and the advice she imparts helps me to tackle any challenges head on. She has a focus on getting the job done no matter what happens and makes effective suggestions I don’t have the time to consider sometimes. Her knowledge across multiple marketing disciplines is extremely valuable.”


Tom, Head of Marketing

“Rachel is a vastly experienced business owner with a wealth of industry knowledge. She was fantastically helpful and offered a number of invaluable tips, ideas and options on the best way forward. She even gave me some great contacts. Her excellent advice has given me a much-needed boost and the confidence that I can make a success of my business.

I can’t thank her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a business mentor.”


Giles, Communications Consultant

“So encouraging! Helpful advice on how to focus marketing in the right way without doing loads of work that is unlikely to bring in clients.”

“Thank you for such an inspiring session. Your passion is amazing to see and I can’t wait to put your ideas into practice.”

“Really helpful in clearing and clarifying and repointing me back into alignment as to where I am going and seeking to go.”

“Really enjoyed your talk and honing down my ‘why’. Lots of tips and things to reflect on. Loved the anecdotes too. I will definitely do the work you suggested to keep that inner critic at bay.”

“Rachel has really inspired me and encouraged me to have the confidence to find my direction and start my own business."

"Really inspired me to hear from someone who has been through the same emotional journey of being a working mum.”


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